UP43-75F Circulator Pump from Grundfos with love

Due to the minimum hardware requirements for the estuary, Grundfos are in demand for applications on sites with restricted working areas, such as on offshore installations, if the costs of recovery are not the limiting factor. They are also used in the oil fields, where there is no available gas for gas lift systems. Grundfos […]

Grundfos UPS26-99FC 3-Speed Circulator Pump with integral flow check

Grundfos provides protection from voltage spikes or imbalance that may occur in the source of supply. Transformers are usually located on the edge of cluster bases. The incoming voltage is transformed into a voltage required to operate the pump rotor on the proposed load and to compensate for cable loss. Higher voltage (low current) reduces […]

Grundfos Pump Equipment

Design of Grundfos UP26-99F pump system requires a comprehensive and rigorous analysis to simultaneously address a number of specific problems of their application. For the design requires information on the flow of wells (curve flow (CF) or the curve of well productivity (CPS)), data on the borehole fluids (oil production rate, water-oil ratio, gas-liquid ratio) […]

What you do if you need circulator pump?

The Grundfos pump is selected to meet the needs of the pump. Grundfos designed to pump a certain volume of liquid. The shaft can be made of monel metal, and the section of corrosion-and wear-resistant material. The pump has a circulating force. The protective unit is mounted above the pump to isolate the pump rotor […]

Hot water pump systems – Grundfos 26-64

hot water pump systems Grundfos 26-64 pump rotor is located at the bottom of the layout and the pump top. Taco cable is attached to the outer surface of the tubing and packaging assembly lowered into the well so that the pump and pump rotor are located below the liquid level. The circulating pump system […]

Taco 007 pump performance

In a typical 007-F5 pump model, each impeller pressure gives an increase of approximately 9 psi (60 kPa). For example, a typical 10-cell pump generates a pressure of about 90 psi (600 kPa) at the output (ie 10 x 9 wheels psi). Lift and Taco 007 pump performance depends on the impeller diameter and width […]

Pump equipment supply

The technological process for product feed and liquid fractions along the lines of plants are used Taco 006 pump various designs. Installation is 20% completed pumping a German company Ruhr Pumpen, 80% – pumps Ukrainian enterprises LLC SMZ. Nomenclature of pumping products LLC SMZ “at this facility before pumping three sizes: Grundfos UP 15 10 […]

Domestic and foreign experience in pump engineering

Domestic and foreign experience in pump engineering shows that the double-seat pumps are less sensitive to changes in the mode of operation and have higher reliability. For example, the pump company Little Giant recommends only double-seat design. In the USA and Canada in recent years working in the field of double-seat pumps for refinery conditions […]

Choosing the appropriate circulator pump

Experience shows that most of the circulating pumps for hot water have too much capacity, while the pump with lower performance was also able to provide a high level of comfort (low latency of hot water). Recommended to choose a pump with a timer for programming the pump to include in a time when the […]

Selection of a pump for heating system

The Taco 0013 circulating pump is selected based on the need to move some heat from the boiler to heat appliances. This calculation takes the designers on the basis of the heat loss of external enclosures, thermal regime, supported the building, the number of consumers of thermal energy (floor space), etc. In the general case […]

Principles calculation of heating

The circulating pump must compensate for the loss of pressure on all elements of the system. In gravity propulsion system is the potential energy of water stored in the upper distribution tank. Accordingly, the cumulative loss of the pipeline shall not exceed the static pressure of coolant in the system, expressed in meters of static […]

Possible ways of regulation circulator process

Δ pc – Constant pressure drop Supported by the electronics produced by the pump pressure differential within the acceptable range established at the level of a given pressure drop HS to achieve maximal performance. Δ pv – differential pressure Electronics serves a given change of pressure differential which must be supported by a pump, for […]

Infinitely variable speed control

With the help of electronic devices can increase or decrease the frequency of the alternating current, ie, continuously adjusting the frequency, for example, between 100 Hz and 0 Hz. However, due to the structural features of pump rotors, the frequency of current in the heating may not be less than 20 Hz or 40% of […]

Efficient Circulation Pumps Wilo

Considering the control systems of modern buildings and cottages, it is worth staying at this moment, as the full autonomy of many systems such as heating, cooling, climate control, water supply, drainage and others. Provide this autonomy is only possible by applying modern high-performance and reliable equipment. Such devices are German engineering systems Wilo, and […]

Circulation Pumps

A large variety of pumps available today manufacturers, requires some knowledge of each consumer. Do not make a mistake in buying, buy the right pump and at the same time not to overpay – this is what each of us seeks. Of course, you can refer to specialists, but the basic knowledge essential. In this […]

Pumps for hot water and heating

Pumps for hot water are used to ensure optimal water circulation, as in hot water facilities, and air conditioning systems and cooling systems. This type of pump is intended to nor lead to stagnation of hot water in a plumbing pipeline. Because the pumps for hot water to work at higher temperatures, they use special […]

Circulator pumps for best PEX plumbing solution

1. Performance As with any pumping equipment, automatic circulating pumps are characterized, above all, its technical parameters, chief among them – the pressure and flow rate (flow). Maximum flow Taco 007 pump should be approximately equal to the flow of water when you open all the taps. Head station must ensure the flow of water […]

Automatic Pump Station

Automatic pumping station can pump water from boreholes, wells, and any other public sources. It can also be used when there is a need to pump water from large tanks or increase the water pressure coming from the main PEX Plumbing systems. Strong domestic circulating pumps are capable of feeding up to 8 cubic meters […]

Pumps for heating and hot water

For heating and hot water pumps are used the following types: Three-speed circulation pumps for heating systems Circulating pumps for water supply Structurally the pumps first and second groups are similar. Additional equipment: central heating and hot water For the operation of heating systems other than boiler (boiler), Teplopribor (heaters, radiators), circulating pumps are required: […]

Vibration test for pumps

Among the different types of Grundfos pumps, used to supply summer houses and watering the garden, in great demand pumps vibrating. The main reason for the increased popularity of Grundfos pumps is their low cost – most models of producers from Canada and USA have a price within the 60-360 USD. Test vibration pumps The […]