Salmson pumps

Year of foundation of the brand Salmson can be considered in 1890, when the shops in Paris, produced the first compressor. For more than a century to develop and strengthen the traditions of quality production Salmson undergoing significant changes, always trying to maximize the answer consumer needs. 1960 – in the city of Laval, a plant that produces pumps Salmson. In late 1997, the merging companies and WILO Salmson an industrial group WILO-Salmson AG.
Today Salmson one of the most important European centers of research and development in the field of pump engineering – plant in Laval area of 25.000 m2, l 800 employees, 3.5 million units of finished products annually, 50% of manufactured products are exported.
Model range of circulation pumps for heating and water supply is much broader counterparts from other manufacturers. There are also technical features – water flows into the rotor chamber through a special filter Non chokable sintered bronze. This increases the service life of pumps and reduces the risk of jamming of the pump shaft. In combination with the low price Salmson circulators are the most competitive.
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