Pumps for wells

As a result, subsurface pump having a length, for example, 60 cm, will have to establish a violation, if the water level of 1.5 m. CAUSE – above and below the pump should have at least 1m. It turns out that there must be at least 2,6 m – what do you do? There is only 90cm for maneuver. We pose the following – will pull the sand, put the above – increase the likelihood of quick response dry run protection. Optimally place the pump in the middle.

But the pump does not really pulling the sand – well it is desirable to clean the zippers or rings of masonry joints must be perfectly sealed, and … a little trick will also help us to minimize the absorption of particles. Need to cut out any innocent and non-corrosive material circle whose diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the well and install it on a few inches above the bottom. Flows into the well pump will now go a little differently, and the water is clean.

And just so happens that in this situation, the pump well – it’s good if it Little Giant 360, allowing sand content to 185g/m3, and the fountain (Little Giant) generally breaks all records, working confidently in a source with an admixture of sand up to 2 kg / m 3 .
pumps for wells Little Giant 360

But now let us return to a more sensible solution – wells pump. At the same opportunities he would be much shorter, and its larger diameter for the well does not matter. Even with the same 1.5 m we will have a greater margin above and below the pump. Pit pumps, compared with well, have a better cooling, less sensitive to particulate matter, are equipped with float switch, which eliminates the extra protection from the “dry run”.

Available with fence hole bottom and built-in filter for protection from large solids, and the fence through the pipe, flexible hoses with floating filter, which is supported by a float. The second option is ideal for all too shallow wells.

The choice of grinder pumps is extensive. Excellent show themselves pumps for wells Little Giant 360 and Little Giant 360S who will work even partial immersion in water. Acuaria can be installed even in a horizontal position.

Finally, we add that, if necessary, at home in front of accumulators and automation can be installed flow filter and drinking water fine filter, and enjoy the desired result.